Smart Home

Think smart, live smart.
More safety and comfort for your customers with our Smart Home software.

Intuitive, intelligent, individual

As a front-end partner, GreenPocket offers you intuitive Smart Home white label applications that combine energy saving, security and well-being in one app. On Deutsche Telekom's Smart Home backend platform (QIVICON Home Base), we were already able to establish the first certified Smart Home app in 2011 and have since worked together with four major utilities and municipal utilities to continuously develop our solution.

Smart and simple

The targeted combination of smart metering and Smart Home enables a variety of user-oriented application scenarios. By linking the awareness of the potential for savings in-house with Smart Home control, the consumer can improve his energy efficiency in the long term in order to protect the environment and reduce his energy costs. Intelligent software and high-quality hardware components, such as detectors and sensors, make the home intuitive and easy to control.

More than a remote control

Schedules, rules and scenarios enable automatic control of individual device groups and rooms. By nesting different types of commands, even complex use cases can be implemented. Predefined consumption patterns help the user to configure his home optimally. Individual changes can be made quick and easy via an intuitive user interface.

Flexible and compatible

Our Smart Home solution is based on the multi-compatibility and systemic openness of the GreenPocket solution, which has been successfully proven in numerous projects. The most important transmission standards (e.g. Zigbee, Z-Wave, HomeMatic) are supported by our Smart Home solution and thus enable an effortless and hardware-independent integration of the QIVICON Home Base.

One app for all devices

The GreenPocket Smart Home is also available as an app for various mobile devices. The automatic real-time update allows immediate, bidirectional feedback on multiple devices. This makes it possible to control your home reliably even when you are not there. Our software currently supports over 50 different end components:

heating thermostat

heating thermostat



detectors and sensors

detectors and sensors



surveillance camera

surveillance camera

buttons and remote controls

buttons and remote controls

Smart Home advantages at a glance

Icon - comfortable solution

Comfortable solution:

Thanks to intelligent automations and colour light control, your customers have more time for the important things in their everyday life. Our Smart Assistants support you in creating automations, for example by creating predefined rules.

Icon - Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency:

The Smart Home helps to optimize heat and energy consumption, thereby saving costs and protecting the environment.

Icon - safety solution

Safety solution:

Thanks to individual alarms and notifications in combination with smoke detectors and IP cameras, your customers always have the good feeling of living in a safe home.

Icon - Ambient assistant living

Ambient Assisted Living:

With video surveillance and warning notifications, your customers feel safe and secure at all times, even when they are old.

Want to know more?

Our how-to video shows you the possibilities, advantages and added values of the Smart Home Software.

the uniqueness of our Smart Home software

  • Exceptional design and intuitive handling
  • Confirmed by regular usability tests
  • Simple, intuitive creation of scenarios, rules and schedules
  • Flexible dashboard – adaptable to individual needs
  • Possible integration of smart meter data
  • Comprehensive rule intelligence (e.g. the only provider of “as long as”-rules)

  • Preconfigured and individually coordinated automatisms (Smart Assistants)
  • Comprehensive linking options of scenarios, rules and schedules
  • Presence detection by geofencing for automatic control of devices
  • Installation of push messages as an action of a rule
  • Low load on hardware resources
  • Optimal use of the memory on the gateway – outsourcing of consumption data
  • Offline support – local operation even without internet
  • Integration of smart meter data possible