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GreenPocket is a leading specialist for consumption visualization and energy management.
Utilities and service providers all around the globe put their trust in our products.

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We turn energy data into value to help utilities and their clients to manage climate change!

What really counts starts with us!
Software has become an everyday tool in all aspects of life – business and private. We want to evaluate everything, whether KPI's, financial data, even our daily steps. Only our energy consumption is a black box, but especially there we need to take action. But without knowing our consumption, we cannot change our behavior.
It is our mission to make the management of the energy consumption so easy that it becomes desirable and a given for everyone – whether company or private household. This way, our data-driven intuitive solutions create real value and help utilities and their customers to effectively reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.
And we go one step further: with our AI-driven software, we not only bring transparency but intelligence into the data, delivering an automated, flexible tool that makes the digitalization of the energy industry a real opportunity for everyone involved.
As a specialist for energy management and visualization software since 2009 with a team of over 45 colleagues, we have been creating decisive added value for national und international energy suppliers as well as their corporate and private customers on their way to climate neutrality.
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