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Product Philosophy

The promises of GreenPocket:
High usability, continuous development and intensive involvement of the customer.


Our product philosophy is expressed in three essential performance promises: We strive for high usability in an appealing design, the continuous and fast further development of our software and an intensive involvement of our customers in our product development.


High usability

We strive to make the handling of our software as uncomplicated and intuitive as possible. That is why we attach great importance to ensuring that all the information we provide is as easy to understand as possible. By simple depictions and clear diagrams all information can be processed and understood quickly. Furthermore, it is important to us that our software is easy and effortless to use. We keep the handling of our software simple so that users can access all functions intuitively and without the need for extensive training.


Appealing design

As a service provider for utilities, we always offer our products as white label solutions. Our aim is to integrate our software as attractively as possible into the customer's self-service portal and to enhance their brand with an attractive look and feel.


Continuous Development

We are continuously developing our products. This enables us to respond not only to changing legal obligations, but also to changing market requirements and current trends.As the number and variety of use cases for our products is growing, so are the needs of our customers.

The roadmap is planned for the next twelve months, whereby we publish a new software version several times a year in regular releases. Due to the short release cycles, our software is always up-to-date and adapts to short-term market developments and customer requirements. We keep our customers regularly informed about new developments with newsletters and release notes.

The used software can be updated at any time directly after the product release, but is required at least once a year.

Intensive involvement of our customers

GreenPocket enters the dialogue. We want to integrate our customers into our processes, better understand their needs and find the right solutions based on their feedback. This applies both to utilities and to end customers with their own interests and objectives.
To further expand this cooperation, we offer you the opportunity to decide between long-term participation in the roadmap, shared development and individual development. This gives you full control at all times and allows you to flexibly determine which option of further development suits you best:

            Options of development


Basic principle
  • Up to four releases a year
  • Customer receives release note and can decide whether they place an order or not
  • Customer can submit a catalogue of requirements
  • Feedback on current product and roadmap desired
  • Bimonthly newsletter to new developments
  • Up to four releases notes a year
  • Regular invitations to trade fairs
  • Offer for 2 free roadmap appointments p.a. at the customer's site
  • Webinars
Shared Development
  • On customer request roadmap packages can be developed earlier with target date
  • Development effort is shared 50:50 between customer and GreenPocket
  • Budget scope is agreed with customer
  • Concept / Feature scope is agreed with customer
  • Development result is agreed with customer (Alpha tester)
  • Targeted coordination with the customer in the development process
  • Regular status reports
Individual Development
  • Customer determines requirements and scope of functions independent of roadmap
  • Customer pays 100% for individual development
  • Individual development for customers
  • Budget, functional scope and implementation are agreed in detail with the customer (specifications)