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Visualize, supervise, optimize

GreenPocket's intelligent Energy Management Software for business customers caters to a multitude of customer groups and adapts flexibly to individual needs and requirements. Our customers find our software intuitive and easy to use without the necessity for lengthy and costly training and support.

GreenPocket's intelligent Energy Management Software is used by utilities, the housing sector and facility managers, the industry, bundled customers (retail, franchises) and municipalities.

GreenPocket's software is designed for energy auditing and monitoring. The clear and easy to understand dashboard visualizes energy consumption and serves as base for business decisions. The user experience is so intuitive all users of GreenPocket's intelligent Energy Management Systems can focus directly on the essentials without need for support or training.

Especially utilities can proactively get in touch with their customers and offer them a user-friendly tool for visualization and a smart way to control energy consumption. GreenPocket is an effective and efficient tool to understand, manage and control energy consumption.



Your tool for energy management

User friendly & responsive

The GreenPocket Energy Management Software
impresses with its simple and intuitive operation and an attractive user experience, without the need for extensive training. Due to the responsive design it can be used on laptops as well as on tablets and smartphones.

Customizable Dashboard

The customizable dashboard allows components to be turned off or on and reordered via drag-and-drop. This way, your customers capture the most important information at first glance. Monthly and annual summaries of energy data and costs as well as comparisons to previous year's values allow you to assess your status quo immediately.

Flexible and customizable

GreenPocket's intelligent Energy Management seamlessly integrates into your corporate design. The software is improved continuously with multiple updates annually. We pay close attention to user feedback and can adapt development flexibly to individual needs.


Individual analysis

The right analysis for every need

GreenPocket's software visualizes energy data cumulative or granular with different easy to understand diagrams. You have full control and transparency with the ability to collect and interpret data to a sub-meter level.

Virtual meters

Companies can map all their meters as required by defining virtual meters through the allocation of several metering points. These virtual meters can be monitored with analyses and alarms.

Simple data export

Data and analysis results can be exported to various file formats with just one click. Share reports as a PDF or process data in CSV or Excel.

Load duration curve

Use load duration curves, for sustainable load optimization and profitability analysis.

Spectral analyses (Heatmap)

Spectral analyses enable customers to quickly and easily identify optimization potential in their operating processes. This allows them to smoothen their load curve over the long term and save costs through an even supply of energy.

Analysis according to comparison parameters

Create comparative parameters for main and sub-meters to differentiate between individual consumption areas such as lighting or air conditioning throughout the company or at individual locations. This enables a precise price calculation and load profile monitoring.

Weather-adjusted data

Seasonal influences on gas and heat consumption can easily be blanked out. Thanks to weather adjusted data, your customers can track the actual success of their measures.


Reporting tool

Stay in control

Permanently monitor development of energy consumption and costs through automatic preset notifications.


Alarm features

Alarms for customer monitoring

Know early when your consumers deviate from average consumption. Utilities for instance, can increase customer loyalty by contacting their customers directly with special rates and information on unusual consumption patterns.

Seasonal Alarms

Define validity of alarm rules for different time points and seasonal periods to avoid false alarms.


Location comparisons & benchmarking

Map overview of the locations

Detect increases in consumption, CO2 emissions or total costs at specific locations directly and jump to the analyses with just one click. Utilizing the map display of the alarms of locations, you can immediately recognize where action is needed - for example in the event of leaks or faults.


Key indicator management

Company specific indicators

Define industry and company specific key indicators (e.g. consumption in kWh per Sq. Ft. sales area, number of full-time employees at a location, year of construction of the building, etc.) in order to better assess the financial and energetic situation.

Individual or comparative analysis

Get an overview of your most important key indicators on the individual analysis page or compare different buildings on the basis of your own EnPI’s, such as the production area. This gives you a quick assessment of the current situation and allows you to take action.


Role and rights management

Company structure

Map company structures and receive an exact corresponding overview of consumption and trends.

Multi-client capability

Quickly create new sub portals for individual businesses and business units. View, monitor and import data on the master level easily and safely.


Additional Features


By saving the most important analyses as favorites, your customers can call up the key details at any time and continuously increase their efficiency.

Consumption data monitoring

A smart algorithm automatically identifies flawed data inputs from data banks which simplifies administration and avoids additional effort.

Display without cost indicator

Choose how you display consumption, either with valuation or in units used.

Easy customer dialogue while enhancing customer retention

Post messages on the dashboard and provide individualized promotions and suggest energy savings opportunities. Build trust and improve customer loyalty.

User feedback

User feedback can flow directly via the energy portal and help develop the software and your services.

Payback calculator

Use the amortization feature to calculate payback periods for energy saving investments.

customer FOCUSED development

GreenPocket continuously develops its products following a roadmap set by customer demands. With 3 to 4 updates annually, we are seen by our peers as agile and forward thinking. Additionally, we offer flexible development options with a strong focus on individual customization.

Modular & flexible

You can choose the features you want to apply in your customer engagement – its easy and fast to do.

Use cases

Our customers from these industries use GreenPocket to improve their performance:

  • Support your customers with energy consulting and planning of energy efficiency projects
  • Simplify communication with your customers
Bundled customers
    • Monitor energy consumption in all locations
    • Compare locations by consumption metrics
    • Use smart data to make smart decisions - increase your energy efficiency
        • Peak load reduction
        • Detailed energy cost calculation down to individual meters
        • Track consumption as indicator for maintenance and replacement of inefficient units
        • Recognize anomalies and malfunctions in real time – combine with alarm functions
              • Detailed energy cost monitoring and reporting
              • Analysis of energy efficiency for individual buildings
                      • Monitoring and analysis of energy consumption at all points of use
                      • Leak and malfunction detection
                      • Detailed reporting and historic comparison
                      • Calculate amortization for energy efficiency investments