Energy management software at a special price of €9,900

A simple start: For only €9,900 in the first year our software goes LIVE in only 2 months!

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Why Energy management?

starting without complications with our attractive pilot offer!

Decarbonization and CO2 reduction as a social duty

Reduction of consumption
to counteract high
energy prices

Mandatory sustainability
and CO2 reportings

Spaß, Unterstützung, Wertschätzung: Bei uns packt jede:r mit an und hat immer ein offenes Ohr. Denn nur gemein-sam können wir über uns
hinaus wachsen!

Sustainable image & social responsibility

Unsere Arbeitsweise
zeichnet sich durch
Verantwortung und leiden-schaftliches Engagement aus – alles für unser
gemeinsames Ziel!
Energy management for corporate customers

Benefit from all advantages at a low price for one year

Thousands of corporate customers have already recognized the value of our software: Monitoring locations, deriving measures, saving costs. You can benefit from our solution too:
Your Advantages
  • Energie- & Kosteneinsparung durch intuitives Lastmanagement
  • Support with audits, sustainability reportings and CO2 reduction
  • Optimierungspotenziale der Infrastruktur (Gebäude, Anlagen, Maschinen)
  • Early prevention of damage due to intelligent alarms & anomaly detection
  • Reduced effort through automation
Our energy management software

Your solution for intelligent energy management

bafa-listed software - eligible for funding

  • Track energy consumption quickly and easily
  • Analysis of individual buildings or plants and comparison based on individual characteristics
  • Automated and customized reporting
  • Forming KPIs with the equation editor
  • Intelligent alerting in case of consumption deviations
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Our special offer for you

The whole energy management software at an unbeatable price

pilot offer for 12 months

  • Whole feature set of our Energy Management Software
  • Unlimited metering points
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited users
  • Hosting in our GreenPocket cloud
  • Initialtraining & monthly webinars
  • Participation in the project "Einsparzähler"
  • Possibility of BAFA funding
You need documents to discuss our offer with your management?
Here you'll find the summarized offer:
our service offer

going fast: live in only 2 months

  • Setup of Energy Management Software
  • Implementation of two interfaces*
  • Project kickoff & delivery list
  • Administration training, incl. documentation
  • User training, incl. setup of essential features
  • Recurring costs: Hosting & updates
*one for transaction data, one for cost data; one interface in one of the GreenPocket standard formats and transmission paths, and one additional interface customized as needed

What do you need to know before implementing an energy management software?

- What goals are you pursuing with the software and who should use the portal in the future?
- Which division(s) do you want to map?
- Who will be responsible for the administration of the portal?
- Where are the master and cost data located? How or by which service providers will the transaction data be delivered?


Which people need to be involved when introducing an energy management software?

- Central coordinator / project manager as direct contact person for GreenPocket
- Technical contact person, e.g. internal IT
- If applicable, data service provider (e.g. energy supplier, metering point operator)
- Future users and portal administrators, e.g. energy managers


How much work do you have to expect? (To anticipate: very little)

- Provision of data exports: approx. 2-5 person days
- Participation in kickoff and coordination meetings: approx. 1-2 person days
- Participation in training courses: approx. 1 person day
The listed person days are average values based on previous projects. They depend on various factors, e.g. how many people are involved in the project on the customer side.

optional add-on packages

we offer full flexibility


Support package
1 hour / month individual 3rd Level-Support (in total 12 hours)
Customer success package
1 hour / month individual customer success management with monthly jour fixe (in total 12 hours)


Additional medium

e.g. division gas – data via existing interface and in the same format as initial medium
Additional medium 
e.g. division gas – data via additional standard interface in standard format
Additional medium
e.g. division gas – data via an interface to be developed individually


Customizing package
Individual customizing in corporate design, incl. individual texts
frequently asked questions

How does the project process work?

The project process usually takes place in six steps.
1. You fill out the technical questionnaire - we are happy to support you in this
2. Kickoff meeting incl. discussion of the delivery list*
3. Project participants work on the tasks in the delivery list
4. Setup of the software by GreenPocket, you have to provide the data
5. GreenPocket performs testing & quality assurance
6. The software will be handed over to you and you will receive introductory trainings
*The delivery list details the task packages, see below.


Which activities are provided by GreenPocket, which do I have to provide?

All task packages are listed in detail in the delivery list. You can request the delivery list here.

Interested? We will gladly send you an offer!