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GreenPocket is a leading specialist for consumption visualization and energy management.
Utilities and service providers all around the globe put their trust in our products.

who we are

As an agile startup in the dynamic growth market for smart energy software, we support energy suppliers and corporate customers worldwide in realizing added value from smart meter data. Our talented team uses innovative technologies (AI, Machine Learning, Data Science). Already today, we contribute sustainably to the energy transition and decisively to the digitalization of the energy industry by utilizing our creative and intuitive software solutions.

Being one of Europe's leading specialists for energy management and visualization software, GreenPocket actively takes part in shaping a sustainable future. With our innovative, flexible and high performance software solutions and services, we ensure that our customers are ready for the smart meter rollout. Digitalization becomes an opportunity for everyone.

Our way

As a pioneer and an innovator, GreenPocket strives to set new standards for smart metering. With the help of our energy intelligence engine and data science technology, we infuse digital data with intelligence. Thus we are able to generate crucial added value for utilities and their business and residential customers.

Our future
Germany, the Netherlands, Japan: More and more national and international customers and partners put their trust in our software solutions. We will develop this growth even further by providing our visionary smart meter solutions to customers all around the globe.
In the future, energy will be smart. For this future, GreenPocket is the perfect partner.

Market leader IN germany

Customers all across Germany already put their trust in our products:

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