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Is climate change also present in the USA? Our CEO Dr. Thomas Goette and Sales Manager Guido West also asked themselves this question before taking part in the E-Source Forum in Denver.

Engage, activate, orchestrate

Our GreenPocket colleagues found out that many Americans now realized that climatechange is man-made and are therefore looking for solution-oriented approaches.

To get to know the market and the players in the energy industry, GreenPocket exhibited at the E-Source Forum from 17th to 20th September. The event is one of the most important conferences for energy suppliers in the USA. Every year, numerous CEOs and managers who are working in the energy sector meet here to discuss trends, best practices and problems. Customer Centricity and the "fear of missing out" were only some of the top topics. Many companies are therefore calling on the utilities to act increasingly riskier and faster - according to the motto engage, activate, orchestrate.

The relaxed atmosphere at the Sheraton Denver Hotel encouraged exchange and communication between the various participants. The E-Source Forum not only offers insights into the further development of energy efficiency, but also provides comprehensive information on customer relationship management.  

Not only the visit of the conference, but also the fridays for future demo was a highlight during the stay in the USA. Just like us here in Cologne, our colleagues in Denver also took an active part in the demonstration. The large number of Americans who took part in the protests made it clear to us that many locals are also concerned about climate protection.

Our CEO in Denver

GreenPocket - constantly growing

As a dynamic start-up, GreenPocket wants to grow continously in both, the domestic and foreign energy markets. In order to create success and development in the USA, we have now launched the initiative and are participating in various tradefairs and events for the energy industry.

For this reason, our suitcases will be packed again soon, as we are off to Phoenix. The Smart Utility Summit will take place from 27th to 29th October.

Once again, we would like to thank the E-Source organizers for the great event and all the nice people with whom we had exciting conversations.

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