A greener Munich – Energy transparency for the entire city

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After launching the interactive and individually developed Energy Atlas on Stadtwerke München's website in 2019, we are looking back at the past year. The aim of the Energy Atlas was to make the extension of renewable energy within Munich digital visible and comprehensable for all citizens. We at GreenPocket were responsible for the software solution. Did we achieve this goal?

In the summer of 2019 Stadtwerke München announced the project “Energy-Atlas” and GreenPocket was chosen as the software expert. As an agile and green start-up, in this project we were not only able to prove our expertise in energymanagement but could also apply our company values, because next to digitalization, the efficient usage of renewable energies is an important aspect in the implementation of our projects. All the more are we pleased that the project has taken such a successful course and that Stadtwerke München, as our client, is not only satisfied with the visualization but can also draw further advantages from the application: "In the future, it will help with the development of network charges that consider the respective degree of network load. Thus, network customers will be able to benefit from tariffs that consider the "network-related" behavior. In this way, they will contribute to an improved use of operating resources," says Matthias Mees, Head ofNetwork Management at SWM Infrastructure.

How does the Energy-Atlas work?

The Energy-Atlas can be found on the Stadtwerke München’s website. The online platform lists all renewable energy plants that feed into the Munich grid. Additionally, an interactive map shows how high the share of renewable energyin the respective city district is. Various filter functions provide the residents with even deeper insights into energy consumptions and productions as well as detailed information about the renewable energy facilities. Furthermore, the individual city districts can be compared to each other. The simple operation of the platform makes it possible to make Munich’s energy revolution not only digitally visible but also transparent for everyone. 

Individual development by GreenPocket

The project “Energy-Atlas” was developed individually for Stadtwerke München apart from our existing product portfolio. We were therefore particularly proud that we were able to provide this exciting project within a few weeks and that not only our customer is pleased but also Munich’s residents. We at GreenPocket are open to individual wishes and will find an optimal solution to meet the needs of our customers.

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