B2B marketing and the challenges of Corona

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The year 2020 was crazy in almost all areas - including B2B marketing. The virus challenged GreenPocket, because direct contact with companies was no longer possible. Our intern Lisa got a taste of various departments at GreenPocket, especially the marketing department, and was able to gain important insights for successful B2B marketing.

Target group-oriented content is key

Due to the Corona pandemic, online marketing is more important than ever. Events such astrade fairs or congresses, at which we make important contacts and present our products, did not take place. So online marketing was essential to keep intouch with companies in the B2B area. Business networks such as XING or LinkedIn are useful platforms for companies, which can be supplemented by Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It is not only important to have good and regular content and a strategy for all channels, but also target group-specific campaigns. In addition to conveying the most important core messages from GreenPocket, we used the platforms to present the products and their advantages, to draw attention to blog posts or to give insights into everyday office life. In this way we not only reach existing customers, but also arouse the interest of potential new customers.

SEO - a must have in online marketing

Search engines like Google play a very important role in online marketing in order to generate relevant traffic to the company’s website. It is ideal if the company is displayed on the first page in the search results, as users rarely go to the second or third page. To achieve this, SEO - search engine optimization - is amust have in every marketing department. For GreenPocket appearing at the top of the search results, we have dealt specifically with the meta tags and the keywords. Appealing meta tags, which briefly summarize the content of our website in the search results, increase the chance that Google will assess our content as relevant and that users will click on our website. The use of keywords on the website also supports the relevance of the content. It makes sense to change your perspective and think from the customer's point of view -"What would I google if I wanted to find us as a company?"

Go and stay digital

Many trade fairs and congresses have been canceled this year, but some organizers have switched to a digital concept. Thanks to tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, a digital and professional exchange is possible. Here, too, it makes sense to be present and not to disappear into oblivion. We at GreenPocket were involved as exhibitors and speakers at the digital Energie Efficiency fair in September and at the networking forum of smartOPTIMO. So we did not only stay in contactwith the B2B sector, but also gained some content for social media at the same time.

In a nutshell: What did I take away from my time at GreenPocket regarding B2B marketing? Good B2B marketing leads to more leads, increases the reach andawareness of the brand and the products. If it is used correctly and in a planned manner, it contributes significantly to successful sales.

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