Be prepared for EED with GreenPocket: How to master the new challenges – from duty to opportunity!

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With the EED, the EU states have committed themselves to more climate protection by reducing energy consumption with more consumer transparency. In Germany, the EED takes effect on the 25th of October. It states that for new installations and meter replacement, digital heat meters must be installed. At the same time, tenants and landlords have to receive their consumer information twice a year, as from 2022 monthly. By 2027, all meters must be digital. Energy suppliers and metering service providers are affected as well as operators from local authorities and the housing industry. How can the requirements be fulfilled cost-effectively? And how can the duty become an opportunity?

Data-as-a-Service:Exact consumption data 

GreenPocket is not only able to support in an advisory capacity, they also offer the necessary means to create a great potential from the requirements. This shows a recently completed project for a big metering service provider: With our software solution, both property managers and tenants can have a look at their consumer information at any time. Additionally, the flexibility of our software is in demand: It can be seen in the display of submetering for different divisions and the desired temporal resolution of the data. This will be perfected by the end of the year 2020 – because all developments for flexible measurement series will finally be completed, allowing us to develop even more important features. The intuitive rights management allows property managers to view the consumption of the entire building (all meters individually and cumulated) in the admin area. The individual power consumption can only be seen by the tenants. In order to offer all users the best possible insight, we already designed the first mockup, to connect our portal for business customers with the portal for residential customers. Thus, the legally compliant fulfillment of the energy directive turns into an opportunity for all parties involved.

 Comparisonof buildings: Efficiency improvement through data science

GreenPocketgoes one step beyond the mere obligation to provide information: With our data science expertise, the software can compare the consumption of each building. This results in benchmarking- and optimization potentials for property managers thanks to the cross-divisional comparison of the heat consumption of a house with similar buildings or with the same period of the previous year. 

Based on this data pool, GreenPocket offers an intelligent platform that identifies potential savings and, in addition to uncomplicated access to consumption information, provides an all-in-one tool for analyzing and improving energy efficiency. If you want to know more, we also offer consulting and workshops on process digitalization.

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