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How can we brainstorm together and capture results for all to see? When our meetings were held in conference rooms, the answer was clear. But since many of our colleagues work from home, we needed to find a quick solution to improve our online meetings. And it is not that different from the previous, analogue version: the whiteboard can be well used just as online as offline! What are the potential benefits of suddenly having to rethink old norms and which features of the digital flipchart do we recommend?

Due to the lack of face-to-face meetings, joint exchange was difficult at first. As an agile and young tech company, however, it was not that difficult for us to quickly find a suitable online tool that meets our requirements for efficient collaboration and that everyone feels comfortable with. The result: from whiteboard in conference room to on-screen whiteboard. We now use the digital version in all of our online meetings and results can be presented to the entire team on a regular basis. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the digital whiteboard?

Flexible & Scalable

When we have decided for a specific tool, it was important to us that it meets the needs of our team. In a meeting, the most important factor for us is the joint creative solution finding, shortly brainstorming. For this, all participants need access to the tool. To avoid a mess it should be possible to structure the ideas directly when they are written down. In addition, the collection of ideas should be clear and comprehensible even when someone retrieves them later.  

For us, all these requirements can be met with the a Whiteboard, which we use as a digital pinboard. Post-Its of different colors can be pinned on it (e.g. in the form ofa mind-map or a flowchart) allowing us to categorize our thoughts directly.

Even difficult problems can be discussed and solved together, different opinions can be expressed and brought together. The whiteboard is also suitable for the representation of processes - e.g. for HR-topics. The recorded information remains available at all times - an advantage compared to analog flipchart.Thus, with our expertise, we can gradually build up a knowledge platform that anyone can quickly familiarize themselves with.  

For us, it was really good to rethink our habits. With the online whiteboard, we work even more paperlessly and thus more ecologically. In addition, the online space gives all colleagues the chance to express their opinions in various ways, by pinning new notes, commenting on them or simply giving them a thumbs-up.

Keep training

However, digital flipcharts also have their limits: concentration on the screen is usually not as persistent as in a face-to-face meeting. In addition, content is remembered longer if it is generated from a face-to-face exchange. Finally, the tool takes some time to get used to and each team member has to learn the essential functions first.

That is why we have some recommendations for your work online with a flip chart:

- Split long meetings into several smaller ones

-Constantly optimize the flip chart so that outsiders can understand it as well as you

- Offer short online training sessions that give an introduction to the tool

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