Energy management software for Japan

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GreenPocket offers national and international customers intelligent and flexible software solutions for energy management. The Smart Meter specialist's software is now also being used in a government-sponsored Smart City project in Japan.

The recently launched “Urasoe Smart City Development Project” offers the opportunity for cooperation with Japanese partners. For this energy transition project, the Japanese government has created an open space in Okinawa on which a sustainable infrastructure will be built in a district of Urasoe City. This will require a reliable energy management software to visualize and manage the consumption of hotels, schools, residential buildings, a shopping mall, a gym and a sports arena. GreenPocket provides the perfect software solution for this task, which will be translated into Japanese specifically for this purpose.

In addition to GreenPocket, Urasoe Distributed Energy Co., LTD. and Kyudenko Corporation – a subsidiary of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc., Japan's fourth-largest energy supplier – are also involved in the project.

The project will also be closely supported by PwC Japan. The project will be launched in spring 2020.

Personal meeting in Cologne

Yesterday we had the pleasure to welcome some of the leading representatives of our new partners for a personal conversation in Cologne. After a successful day full of productive cooperation and rich conversations, we had the opportunity to enjoy a Kölsch with our guests in the evening. Our visitors from Japan also did not miss the opportunity to supply us with some of their local specialities before their departure. 

We would like to thank you very much for your visit and look forward to further cooperation.

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