Energy Management Software Plus Metering Point Operation – Our Webinar with Discovergy

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As part of the Discovergy Metering Academy we presented our energy visualisation in a webinar to over 120 interested participants. Together with Discovergy we now offer our solutions in a bundle to provide customers even more individual services and reduce effort.

Hardware & Software in combined package

The topic of energy visualisation is becoming increasingly important. This is not only due to the obligation imposed by the smart meter rollout, but is also driven by the social pressure on industry and the real estate sector to save more energy. To make it even easier for our customers to take advantage of smart meter data we have come together with Discovergy and now offer hardware and software in a bundle:

Through an existing interface between Discovergy and GreenPocket new customers can take advantage of our energy visualisation even faster. Now Discovergy customers can switch to the GreenPocket software without much effort. On 18th of March we presented these solutions as part of the Discovergy Metering Academy.

Joint strengths

Through the cooperation customers benefit from the joint strengths of both companies: as a software specialist for energy visualisation and management we have already implemented more than 150 demanding customer projects in 11 years while Discovergy has established itself as a leading provider of smart metering systems. Our CEO, Dr. Thomas Goette, emphasises that there is demand for the new "combination package”:

"Due to the rollout in Germany many customers are asking us whether we can offer adaptable hardware in addition to our user-friendly visualisation software. We are pleased to be able to handle such requests together with Discovergy now!"

The interest in the joint webinar was high: after the live presentation of the software the more than 120 participants asked many questions, so that the Q&A had to be extended. We would like to thank Discovergy for the opportunity to present our solutions and are looking forward to an exciting partnership.

If you are interested in our solution, we would be happy to offer you an individual webinar. Please feel free to contact us!

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