German Accelerator workshop: GreenPocket on its way to Silicon Valley

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GreenPocket overcomes boundaries! On May 2 young tech companies had the chance to get one of 20 places in the mentoring program of the German Accelerator promotion.

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The lucky winners will be offered a three-month office space in Silicon Valley, offering them a unique opportunity to expand their international network and enter the U.S. market.

GreenPocket came, saw and conquered: We convinced the jury of our concept and secured us one of the much sought-after places. Two members of our executive board were allowed to visit the United States. And now it's getting serious: In a one-day workshop in Munich on Thursday, Lead Mentor Bill Keating prepared the management for the journey to the land of unlimited possibilities. It clarified how we could make the most out of this great opportunity and make our innovative and groundbreaking energy management solutions available to the American market. In addition, there was a productive exchange in an alumni session with Adnymics CEO Dominik Romer and Kinexon co-founder Maximilian Schmidt. A video conference with Mark Schwartz, Managing Director of SEO specialist Crealytics, was the highlight of the workshop.

"The participation in the German Accelerator Program is a big and important step for us," said our CEO Dr. Thomas Goette, highly motivated after his return from Munich. "This makes perfect preparation all the more important for us. Today's workshop was not only very informative, but also absolutely professional. We are delighted that our vision and our potential have gained international recognition in this context. Today has brought us much closer to our entry into the US energy market".

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