GreenPocket at IREN and Intesa Sanpaolo "StartUp Initiative" in Italy

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Last week, on September 27th and 28th, a workshop of the StartUp Initiative Bootcamp took place in Turin, Italy. GreenPocket was the only foreign company allowed to participate.

The IREN and Intesa Sanpaolo "StartUp Initiative" is organized by IREN, one of Northern Italy's largest energy providers with 7,000 employees, and Intesa Sanpaolo, one of Italy's largest financial institutions. 180 companies were screened in advance for StartUp Initiative bootcamp. 31 applicants were finally invited. GreenPocket was the only foreign company to participate and of course did not miss the chance to visit beautiful Italy.

The StartUp Initiative bootcamp was moderated by Bill Barber and Mauro Pilono, both experienced and internationally active entrepreneurs, who shared practical experience reports about their own business start-ups. The basics of entrepreneurship, networking and pitching were discussed. The new knowledge could be used directly in the event context to exchange information and expand networks.

"GreenPocket has already gained its first project experience in Italy in the past. The Bootcamp provided us with interesting information that can help us to get a deeper understanding of the Italian energy market and to expand our position here," explained Julio Santos, GreenPocket's local expert, after his return to Germany. "The necessary infrastructure is already in place in Italy, where a second rollout wave is already being prepared. This is a good base for further growth".

After the Bootcamp, a pitch event is scheduled for 16 October in Parma. Three winners from the categories "Companies in the Seed Phase", "Companies in the Growth Phase" and "Mobility Companies" will then be selected and each endowed with 15,000 euros.

Das Bootcamp in Turin
Federico Boni Castagnetti and Julio Santos at the bootcamp in Turin
GreenPocket - Autor
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