GreenPocket at PwC and BMWi: New business models in energy supply

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In April our CEO was invited to a workshop by PwC and BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) to discuss new business models in energy supply. An exciting event: many future topics, whether smart meter rollout in Germany or UX design, have entrepreneurial spirit and motivated customers, but structure and understanding from the legislative are missing.

The Goal: Portfolio of Measures for BMWi

For the second time PwC and BMWi hosted the stakeholder workshop "New Business Models in Energy Supply" - Our CEO, Dr. Thomas Goette, participated the discussion. The aim of the workshop was to identify, concretise and prioritise the need to adapt the framework conditions in the energy supply sector. From this, PwC will give recommendations and portfolio of measures for BMWi.

The participants discussed a wide range of topics: Among other things, it was about market access for smaller market players, the exchange of information between suppliers and grid operators, but also about the interaction of the electricity, heat and mobility sector and the flexibilisation of state-induced pricing. Our workshop group, consisting of representatives from Hausheld, Next Kraftwerke, PPC, EnBW and E.ON, discussed the topics of smart meter rollout in Germany and UX design – topics that fit our business model.

Prospects for Rollout and UX Design

There are still problems in various areas of the rollout: references to the functionality in the future and economic scaling are missing. The participants want to emphasise the benefits for the end user. In this context, it was said that, for years, requirements were discussed that cannot be implemented. Our CEO confirms that:

„The legislative do not listen and understand. It feels like delayed processes are welcome instead of progress.“

Problems of registration process in UX design were identified; an IT entrepreneur described the standard visualisation TRuDI as an "unusable system". In a joint brainstorming session the participants came up with numerous suggestions:

·        Clearly defined framework for action

·        Easier processes with the interfaces

·        Technical inclusion of electricity meters of tenants

·        Consistent file formats and deadlines

·        Focus on easier, customer-oriented standards

The workshop has shown that there is still a lot to do. As a result, PwC has to give recommendations for BMWi. We are thankful for workshop invitation and looking forward to the next time!

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