GreenPockets Data-as-a-Service: Process digitalization for network and metering point operators - ready for the rollout?

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Before the smart meter rollout customers of metering point operators were only a meter number with a matching name. With the smart meter rollout network and metering point operators are not only responsible for the installation of smart meter gateways but also to visualize the measured data for the customer. The information available so far is not sufficient for this – there is a lack of customers master data, which previously only the respective energy supplier could access. But in times of the European GDPR, how do you get the necessary customer data without much effort?

Fast and easy: the registration process of GreenPocket

Apart from offering amandatory visualization GreenPocket offers support by digitizing the process of how data is obtained as easy as possible and in compliance with data protection regulations. Recently the mentioned registration process was successfully implemented for various network and metering point operators, among others for our customer and partner GWAdriga on behalf of Westfalen Weser Netz GmbH. For this process the operator only needs the following necessary data of the customer to send them a welcome letter: name, address and meter number. With this communication, customers receive a link to register online with their e-mail address. Thereby the customer agrees to the redirection of the data to the network and metering point operators. Gender, title, or industry can be configurated individually for the operators. All given customer data will be automatically transferred to the system. Additionally, the registration mask can be individually configurated, meaning the necessary buttons can be switched on – and off.

Creation of the database and improved customer loyalty

The first step is used as a digital registration process to create a database. In the second step customers can be segmented individually and bundled according to different criteria. This can be useful for various information campaigns, where network and metering point operators can address their customers directly via e-mail and inform them about individual tailored added value services. GreenPocket also offers workshops related to the registration process and identifies individually which solution suits best to the respective operator and how the customer's requirements can be satisfied ideally.  

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