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We asked our interns how they liked their time at GreenPocket and if their expectations of the internship were met. The result: Our interns like it at GreenPocket and especially appreciate the teamwork. What else can they tell us about GreenPocket and which recommendations do they have for future applicants?


GreenPocket’s aim of the anonymous survey was to gain a comprehensive view of the intern’s opinions, to see how they like the internship and where might be room for improvement. The questions were related to GreenPocket, the motives for application, the application process, the activities and their individual role in the team.

The results: All our interns applied for GreenPocket because it is an innovative start-up with a young team. Many of them were also convinced by our sustainable philosophy and the energy industry. For 91 % the application process went completely smooth. They especially praised the friendly and quick feedback.

"Innovative, sustainable, versatile", "young, hardworking, agile", "start-up, young, warm" - this is how we were described in three words. Especially the team, the flexibility and the responsibility and especially our office dog Taco were emphasized.

All of those interviewed were very happy that they were allowed to take responsibility during their internship and to get involved in all projects. We are pleased that they all saw themselves as a full and important member of GreenPocket.


Even the misunderstanding that one of the participants thought his or her task had no value for GreenPocket could be solved quickly thanks to our transparent feedback culture. 82 % had the feeling that they could make suggestions to the team at any time and receive constructive feedback. The remaining 18 % partially agreed. Nobody had the feeling that giving feedback wasn’t allowed. Everyone felt encouraged to contribute their own ideas and confirmed that at least one idea or suggestion for improvement had been implemented.

"The team is very young and dedicated. If there is any problem, someone is there and everyone helps each other."

All in all, the interns described their role at GreenPocket as: responsible and important for the company, instructive, challenging and varied. Of course, fun at work should not be missed, which is why the daily round of table soccer was also highlighted.


All interns were introduced successfully to their chosen working area and were able to improve their skills in at least one section. The majority of them described their own tasks as versatile and challenging. 36 % were able to create their own projects, 27 % are currently involved. In addition, everyone was able to get a look at other departments.

91 % were convinced that the internship has prepared them better for their desired profession and 82 % feel that GreenPocket has opened up new opportunities for them. The most important thing for us is: There is no person whose goals, wishes and expectations have not been fulfilled.

We are very proud of our team and the cooperation. Everyone described the team as open, and helpful and praised the outstanding team spirit.

Our interns like to come to our office. You too? Apply now and become a part of our team. Lastly, a few tips from our interns for future applicants:

1. Be well organized and spontaneous
2. Be open and ask questions at any time
3. Interest in the industry as well as in IT or data science is advantageous
4. Apply definitely!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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