More responsibility for more efficiency in tech company

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Steep learning curves, active cooperation and responsibility - we focus on personal development of each team member. To achieve this, it is important to clearly define the roles of all employees - a challenge for every fast-growing startup. We have to adapt to circumstances in order to achieve our goals together. Which aspects are particularly important to us in daily business and how does our orientation as a tech company support us in this?

"New employees who join us often want to take responsibility quickly. Giving them this responsibility is just as beneficial for our team as it is for the personal development of each team member. That is why defining new roles and individual areas of responsibility were an essential part of our plans for 2021," says Sarah, Teamlead Sales Control and Marketing.

We know from our own experience: Taking responsibility for one's own tasks, the team, and the company can drive each individual to maximum performance and is one of our most important value definitions. This is linked to the fact that all employees are aware of their individual area of responsibility and the relevance of their tasks.

Efficient work = efficient products

Not only our products stand for efficiency, efficiency is also a basic element of our way of working. And just like our products, our way of working is also characterized by:

·        Need orientation

Our products are designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. Internally we focus on the needs of our employees.

·        Creativity

Full-time employees, career changers, working students or interns - the creative ideas of each individual flow directly into our projects and products.

·        Sustainability

The motivation to enable sustainable energy management with our software is particularly high as everyone at GreenPocket is also committed to reducing their individual carbon footprint.

·        Flexibility

Furthermore, our products stand for flexibility and our team members are also able to act and react in a particularly flexible way by working independently in a coordinated and goal-oriented manner.

·        Constant further development

Ultimately, our software is constantly optimized through constructive customer feedback. Similarly, our constructive feedback culture and training management ensure that our learning curve is growing.

Our mission is to make the management of one's own energy consumption so simple and efficient that it is feasible for everyone in everyday life. And that is exactly what we take responsibility for every day.

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