Op der Manéier zu Lëtzebuerg – On the road in Luxembourg

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Vodafone's Innovation Center "Tomorrow Street" invites to pitch - GreenPocket was in Luxembourg at the Arch Summit 2019 from 3 to 4 April. We were able to present to a selected jury how our energy management software becomes intelligent thanks to data science technologies.

Pitching automatic measuring point monitoring

Vodafone has invited over 140 innovative start-ups from the Future Tech and Social Impact sectors to this year's Arch Summit. GreenPocket also managed to get hold of a pitch opportunity and introduced automatic measuring point monitoring as the first data science feature in a 5-minute pitch.

GreenPocket right in the middle

Our product manager for Data Science David and our business development manager Beatrice were on the road in Luxembourg. In addition to the 5-minute pitch, GreenPocket was also represented as an exhibitor with its own booth. Both before and after the exciting presentation, we were able to welcome interested visitors to our booth and present the energy management software with integrated data science feature. The focus on the areas of AI and IoT led to exciting and inspiring discussions on the state of the art.

GreenPocket auf dem Arch Summit
The energy management software is presented at the GreenPocket booth.

Exciting networking at the Arch Summit

The event enabled all participants to network with each other as well as with executives from Vodafone's global network and innovation and technology leaders from around the world. Over 90 influential speakers and jurors gave valuable keynote speeches, tech roundtables and feedback on the start-up pitches. Even though GreenPocket didn't make it to the next round, we take exciting insights and new impulses back to Cologne.

GreenPocket - Autor
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