Server migration in a tech company: Cloud as a necessary service

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As a modern tech company, GreenPocket not only offers its customers a visualization tool, but helps them through the challenges of digitalization. The main objective is the automation of processes in order to avoid manual effort for customers. This includes the conversion from on-premise to cloud. But which advantages do cloud-based infrastructures offer and which tasks do we face in order to exploit these advantages for us and our customers?

As a software company, we work with the latest technologies to continuously publishnew releases with new features in high quality. Established tools such as Docker and Kubernetes provide the basis for a high speed of delivery and reliable operation of new functionalities. Being able to guarantee the complete functionality of our software, the migration of our portals from classicon-premise systems to cloud infrastructures becomes increasingly relevant because it offers the following advantages:

·        Immediate provision of new functions

·        Increased development speed

·        Maximum scalability

·        High resilience to attacks and resilience to disruptions

Kai Wiemer, Technical Lead of GreenPocket, emphasises the relevance of the restructuring: "Only by switching to a cloud-native architecture (CNA) with microservices we can guarantee faster, better and more customer-oriented software development in the future. At the same time, the associated standardisation will enable us to operate our solution efficiently in modern environments, in the customer's own data centres as well as in GreenPocket's private cloud infrastructure operated together with our German hosting partners".

Customer problems successfully solved

Internally,we have to complete the transition to the microservices architecturesuccessfully on the one hand and create a long-term connection betweendevelopment and sales, also with the help of DevOps engineers, on the otherhand. This is the only way we can support our customers on their way to the cloud and ensure ongoing process automation.

As part ofthe restructuring, the customer systems will be integrated into our hosting platform once. This has already been successfully implemented for five of our customers, three others are currently in the project planning stage. We have been able to eliminate doubts (e.g. concerns about data protection or the high expenditure of resources due to the necessary installation of complex systems) together with all our customers. It has been shown that the change to cloud architectures enables a noticeable reduction in complexity and thus leads to increased security and lower costs.

After the restructuring we will be able to make the innovative functions of our solutions completely available to our customers. "Because only a migration of our portals to new server structures will allow a full compatibility with the customers' conditions and the full exploitation of advantages in the future possible," says Kai.

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